Tuesday, June 4, 2013

App Trailers Pays You

I want to share my personal opinion regarding App Trailers. This review will be based on my experience with App Trailers. Month ago I was checking my Gmail like I always do and while I was doing that I saw an ad saying earn free money or instant gifts by watching video trailers, inviting friends, and much more. I clicked on that ad and it was talking about an app called App Trailers. It read you can cash out instantly to your PayPal account after when you have earned 150 points or redeem other instant gifts like Amazon.com, Starbucks.com, Best Buy, Xbox points etc. I thought to my self, this is cool you earn free money just by watching video trailers, inviting friend, how cool is that. If you have an Apple product like Iphone, Ipad, Ipod or any Android device you can download this App Trailers to you device for free. I wanted more information regarding App Trailers before I download it to my device. I watched lot of YouTube videos and internet reviews on this particular app that I was interested in. After watching much information related to this app finally I download it to my Sony Ericsson Xperia Neo V. I was much exited I could not believe you earn money watching video trailers? I don’t know how many times in my life I have watched video trailers on television; mobile phones etc. and they never paid me to watch those video trailers. How come this app pays you? I had a question mark on my face.

Anyway when you open this app after download it shows 7 options at the top (Videos, Uploaded, Free App, Offers, Redeem, History and Settings). If you click on videos it will show the list of videos you can watch and earn 5 points each for watching videos. You see these videos are mostly game trailers. On daily basis App Trailers will send you free app (Region Specific) to your device that you can download and earn extra points. It also lets you earn more points by inviting friends and if he/she uses your username to download App Trailers then you get 250 points. (You see 150 points = $0.15) You need 150 points minimum to cash out to your PayPal account (Your PayPal account must be verified in order to receive instant money). At the very top right you will see a letter P and that stands for points that you have accumulated. Below that you will see level. Your level increases after you have accumulated good number of points. You can also upload one of your YouTube videos and if somebody watches your video you get points, another good way of increasing YouTube views. 

Daily Scratcher – You will see this game under Redeem Tab. Basically App Trailers will send you daily scratcher to earn some more points (Scratch to win). You scratch to see 4 movie trailer icons, if you are lucky you earn extra points otherwise you will have an option to play this game again tomorrow. You can only play this game once a day.   

Under Redeem Tab you can redeem points to cash out to your verified PayPal account as stated above you need 150 points minimum to cash out or you can redeem your points to instant gifts cards like Amazon.com, Starbucks.com, Best Buy, Xbox points etc. 

The Fact – I have seen tons of people reviewing about this app on the internet or on YouTube telling if they use their username for referrals purposes you get more than 250 points. Let me tell you that it’s not true; it’s a big lie to get referrals. I have also seen videos on YouTube demonstrating on how to get unlimited points. Do Not Fall under this trap. It’s bogus and you might get banned from App Trailers. 

App Trailers application is easy to use and navigate most of the things are self explanatory once you use the application. They pay instantly and like I said your PayPal account must be verified to receive money.  

How to Download App Trailers – If you are using Apple Iphone, Ipad, and Ipod go to App Store search for App Trailers and then download it to your device. Similarly if you are using any Android mobile device go to Play Store icon and search for App Trailers and then download it to your device.

I would really appreciate if you could please use my referral code: wetphone6 

Download the app here: Google Store

Note: Almost in one month I received 2$ via PayPal
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